A Makeover and Attempted Murder

I have been making over my sewing room for about a week now. I would post before pictures, but I’m far too embarrassed. Let’s just say it was a total mess and it took me days and days to clean it up and organize it. So messy in fact that I committed attempted murder today, yes ladies, I tried to kill my dyson. I was vacuuming and all of a sudden I heard an odd noise. I picked it up and looked at the brushes, and I couldn’t find them! There was so much thread and lint rolled around the brushes that they were invisible! I wish I had thought to take a picture of that, it was quite a sight. Here is the aftermath:

Here it is in front of Char, to show the size.
Anyway….I wanted the space to be peaceful but with some spice (does that make any sense?), so I decided to keep the walls beige, with light turquoise (peaceful) and red (caliente!) for accent colors. And pink, can’t forget pink, it’s my favorite color! So here are some pics of what I have so far, I’m only about half done.

Oh and…drum roll please…LOOK at this blind!
I made it, but that’s not the exciting part. I installed it all by myself! I knew that if I waited for Mr. Med School to do it I would be waiting a long time, so I pre-drilled holes, stapled the blind to the board, and screwed the board into the window frame. Grant it, I did break a drill bit, strip a screw, and throw a minor hissy fit before I got it right, but that’s not the point, I did it!

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