My first tutorial!


Wayfarers, the Bob, plaid flannel shirts, it seems as though lately we’ve resurrected a lot of fashion staples from the past. Well I’m here to bring back the apron! I love aprons because not only do they protect your clothes but you can take any drab outfit and make it bright and cheery by simply putting one on. This is my first tutorial and I am still a beginner at sewing, so if you have any questions (or suggestions!) please feel free to chime in.

This particular apron was made as a gift for my cousin, therefor it has her name embroidered on it. Feel free to embellish yours in any way you like!
Mrs. Diva Reversible Apron
At least 1 yrd each of two different coordinating fabrics and matching thread (I was using scraps from other projects so I used several and it turned out great if I do say so myself.)
Rotary Tool and self-healing cutting board (optional)
Fabric pencil
Two Buttons
Topstitching presser foot, button hole presser foot
3 strips 4X20 inches
2 squares 14X14 inches
5 sash strips 2X20 inches
2 semi circles for pocket (instructions below)
2 skirt pieces (instructions below)
To cut the pocket pieces: cut out a rectangle 4X5 inches, fold in half. Measure halfway up the outside edge and mark it. Draw a curve from the bottom of the folded edge to your mark, then cut it. You should have a semi circle. (Sorry I didn’t take a pic of this step, if you have any questions please ask away!)
To cut out the skirt pieces: start with a square 29X29 inches. This may not be the best way to do it but this is the way that I know how so bear with me. Get a pencil and tie a string around it. Measure 11 inches down the string and tie it around a fabric pencil at that measurement. Hold the pencil at the top right corner and stretch the string so that the fabric pencil is 11 inches away from it. Move the fabric pencil across the fabric making sure that it is stretched out the whole time and it will make a curved line. Cut along the curved line and it should look like this:
Repeat these steps with the string at 29 inches. Voila! You have a skirt piece. Now make another one 🙂
Now for the fun part…SEWING!
First we sew the pocket together. Take your two pocket pieces and pin them right side together. Sew them together leaving a 1 inch opening at the tip of the pocket. Clip the corners. It should look like this:
Now turn the pocket right side out and iron. Topstitch the top of the pocket, thus closing your hole. Now pin the pocket on one of the skirt pieces and topstitch it on like so:
Next we’re going to make our top ruffle. Take one of your 4X20 inch strips and fold it lengthwise, right sides facing, so you have a strip 2X20. Sew the sides shut.
Turn right sides out and press. Sew a basting stitch down the raw edge.
Tie a knot on one side and pull one string on the other side until it’s ruffled and it’s about 14 inches long.
Set the ruffle aside for now. Now we’re going to work on the sash. This may seem odd but go with me here for a minute. Take two of your 2X20 sash strips and pin right sides together. Sew three sides, leaving one of the short ends open. Turn right side out and press. Repeat with your other two 2X20 sash strips.
I sewed up both sides of the sash before I realized I didn’t need to (making it up as I go, I admit it!) That why it’s closed in the next picture, but it doesn’t need to be. Take one 4X20 strip, place the unfinished edge of your sash strip in the middle of the 4 inch side, it should look like this:
Repeat with the other sash strip at the other end of the fabric. Pin in place. Curl the sash strips in the middle and pin so you don’t accidently sew through them. Place the other 4X20 inch on top of this so they are right sides together, pin and sew down three sides of the fabric, leaving one long side open. Here is what it should look like:
Turn it right side out and press. This is now your sash piece. Now take one of your 14X14 squares and lay your ruffle at the top with the unfinished edge against the top edge. Then lay your sash piece at the bottom with the finished edge against the bottom. Lay the other 14X14 square on top of them, right sides together, and pin in place:
Now you’re going to sew around your little apron sandwich leaving a 3 inch opening on one of the sides. Take special care not to accidently sew over the long sash pieces or the sides of the ruffle. Turn right side out through your 3 inch opening and press. Topstitch the sides, thus closing your hole. Now you have a finished top, isn’t that exciting!? It should look like this:
Lay one of your skirt pieces out and lay the finished top on top of it with the unfinished edge of the sash against the top of the skirt piece and pin together. Lay the other skirt piece on top, right sides together, and pin. Sew, turn and press.
If you’re like me, right about now you’re jumping up and down because it’s ALMOST DONE! Now you’re going to make your last sandwich, a skirt sandwich. Turn your skirt pieces right sides together again and tuck in the sash. It will look like this:
Sew the remaining sides, leaving 3 inches open on one of the sides. Turn right side out through the hole and press. Topstitch around the skirt, thus closing the hole. WOO HOO looks like an apron!

There’s just one pesky problem, how do you keep it on your body? You need a neck sash! First make 2 button holes at the top of your apron, about an inch away from the ruffle. Make a sash with your last 2X20 strip just as you did before. Fold in the unfinished edges and press, topstitch. Sew a button on each end of your neck sash. Button in place and you’re DONE!!!



If you’ve made it all the way to the end I commend you. It is the most complicated project I’ve ever designed on my own and it may have been overambitious for my first tutorial. Any questions or feedback are welcomed!

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  1. This is exactly the kind of apron I’ve been wanting to make! Thank you for these instructions, I’ll be making use of them as soon as I find cute fabric.

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